Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reinventing Self with God

Its been a long time I've been away from blogging. About a year, in fact.

Events since my last post:-
1. Got married



2. Got bullied, lost a lot of weight and got sick (really sick)

3. Got bitter (look at that fake smile pasted on my face)


4. Got fat [force-fed as well as self-stuffed (emotional eating)] & got mad


This year will be better, because I am not following the "submissive wife" tenent (since that produced pretty disasterous results in the first year of marriage).
Nor will I listen to the directions of men who think they know better (and speak condescendingly to me, as though they know what really happened).

Rather, I will just follow God's leading to renew me over and over again.

My 2013 resolutions are only three:-
1. Complete this year's bible reading plan (and not miss even a day of it)
2. Complete my ICSA exams (preferably by June 2013
3. Keep our household in order

So God help me. :)

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Vivien Keu said...

He definitely is with you all the time.. :) Hugs!!!